Install WHM and cPanel in Amazon Lightsail Instances

In this article, I am going to explain how to install cPanel & WHM in Amazon LightSail. I supposed you already have a AWS account. If not then create it now here:

After signup, you can use following link to access LightSail section :

Your Lightsail dashboard looks like below:

Instances Lightsail



Click to Create Instance and you will get a screen like below. Here you have to select Centos7 blueprint and instance plan with at least 2 GB RAM

Create an instance Lightsail

Once your instance is created, you can follow these steps in order to install cPanel and WHM in your instance.

1. After launching select the instance —> Networking —> Firewall —> open port 22 ,80,443,2083,2087,2086

2. Create a Static IP from Network tab of LightSail Dashboard and Attach elastic IP to your instance.

3. Start SSH into your lightsail server

4. Become root user and create password

$ sudo -i

$ passwd

5. Set Hostname $ hostname <Fully Qualified Domain Name> Put your domain name here

6. To update system packages, run command yum update -y

7. Run cPanel auto installer script $ cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

8. Installation will take time. After successful installation visit below address on browser https://<elastic_ip>:2087

Use root as username and password that was set in the beginning.

Now you can start creating cPanel user. cPanel will be accessible via https://<elastic_ip>:2083




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