How to fix blank page error in Magento

Getting blank page or dead white page is big issue with Magento. So PHP TricksĀ  provide you easy function to avoid blank page error in your Magento site.

Add this code on the top of Magento Root index.php

ini_set('error_reporting', E_ERROR);

function fatal_handler() {
    $error = error_get_last();

If you have still same issue after adding this code then you can contact using bottom form.

By Ashutosh Pratap

I am software developer by profession and doing work and research in field of Computer programmings like PHP, WordPress, Magento, jQuery, Google APIs and many more web languages. Apart from this I write blogs on programming languages like PHP, Javascript, WordPress etc. I am also individual and independent Freelancer so you can hire me for your web work.

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